Medical Billing

Professional Medical Billing Experts focused on Your Bottom Line

Through our advanced scrubbing system, 98% of Ulrich Medical Billing’s (UMB) insurance claims are accepted by the payers on the first attempt. Our software tools and industry-proven “best practice” approach to managing medical billing is why our customers stay with us. Standard medical billing services include:

  • Electronic billing
  • Claim submission
  • Claims tracking
  • Denial management
  • Payment posting
  • Patient statements
  • Custom-built reports

Our expertise allows us to provide exceptional claim handling with higher collection rates and quicker turnaround. How does it work?

It’s easy. When you enter a diagnosis code at the initial encounter, the information is then exported into our system. Your claims are thoroughly scrubbed three times (helping to ensure that 98% of the claims we send to the clearinghouse are accepted the first time!). We first scrub and repair claims in our ARRA certified EHR, Team Chart Concept (TCC).  Claims are scrubbed a second time through SmartCoder, which prepares claims to be sent to the clearinghouse. The claims are scrubbed a third time by AlphaClaims Staker  at the clearinghouse before sent to the insurance carrier. Your practice receives reimbursements promptly.

Daily, we process and submit claims electronically; for those carriers who don’t accept electronic submissions, we send paper claims via U.S. Postal Service. And, daily we follow up on claims, ensuring acceptance. We also resubmit all claims that need appeals. We offer custom designed reports on a month and ad-hoc basis to summarize productivity and any areas that need improvement. Our medical billing specialists track claims daily, reducing the chance of lost claims and we know where the status of the claim.

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