Increasing Reimbursement for your practice

Insurance rules and HIPAA regulations  are constantly changing. Medical staffs can only do so much to keep up and handle healthcare reimbursement and processing. You cannot afford not to be paid. Changing insurance requirements can make it difficult for you to receive payment for your services. We passionately recover unpaid reimbursements from commercial and government payers for our clients.

Our recovery approach is aggressive. Our billing experts are up to the challenge and stay dedicated to reclaiming the reimbursements that you are legitimately owed. We consistently pursue cases where a payment or denial has been made incorrectly. Tracking these claims throughout the entire appeals process, we’re in contact with insurance providers to make sure your practice receives the maximum reimbursement.

Our Accounts and Receivable and Recovery services include:

Your practice will have a decrease in accounts receivable, and see an increase in your bottom line. Need more information, contact us.